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In the poignant words of Helen Keller:


“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.”


While wellness is frequently referenced in broad terms, specific guiding principles can lead to healthier lives. With physical wellness, we think of exercise, counting steps, reps, or trips to the gym. With mental wellness, we ponder degrees of happiness, self-esteem and the power of positive attitudes. While physical and mental wellness are intuitively vital, we often count on dedicated experts who motivate devotees to improve quality of life. From professional trainers to physical therapists or psychiatrists to meditation and yoga instructors, wellness pathways are deeply personal.


While physical and mental wellness discussions prevail, talking more about Communication Wellness makes sense.


During May’s Better Hearing & Speech Month, let’s celebrate a collective sense of purpose. Precious sounds matter and we are committed to helping you joyfully rediscover them.


“The Biggest Problem in Communication Is the Illusion That It Has Taken Place.”

—George Bernard Shaw


At home, work and play, life’s soundtrack surrounds us every day. From the morning news and daily commute to workplace dialogue or Zoom calls and challenging conversations in noisy places, auditory acuities are essential. As your healthy mindset Springs Forward, aspire to delight in chirping birds, graduations, nature hikes, summer travel and family gatherings. Why suffer in silence when you can Live Life Well?



# images of families having fun together.



Just like annual checkups for teeth and eyes, annual audiological tests are wise. Akin to identifying whether vision is 20/20, your hearing status deserves skillful evaluation. This is expressly true when presbycusis, or age related hearing loss, affects 10’s of millions of North Americans. Societal awareness must be raised about:


  • Whole person care, with hearing loss related to common medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and ototoxicity.
  • Hearing loss being the single most important modifiable risk factor which may decrease risk, delay onset or reduce severity of dementia.
  • Ways which better hearing may reduce harmful impacts of tinnitus or the risk of falls
  • Why, starting at young ages, noise induced hearing loss prevention is imperative
  • How communicating well encourages gratifying socialization, instead of depressing isolation.



You and your loved ones deserve to hear your best. Just as with smart phones, computers or HD TV’s, feature rich technology solutions are accessible. We are avid listeners, dedicated to caring conversations which guide developing personalized treatment plans which serve you well, for life.


You and your loved ones deserve to benefit from a hearing care professional who empathetically provides expert care.


During Better Hearing and Speech Month, now’s an ideal time to schedule an appointment with us for yourself or a loved one currently struggling with activities of daily living. Doing so soon is a crucial step forwards towards Communication Wellness and being Happy to Hear!

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