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Would you drive without being able to see well?
Should you try to take care of activities of daily living without being able to hear well?

At home, work and play, seeing and hearing your best will benefit you every day.

From experience we know most people take care of their vision because, for example, driving without seeing clearly is risky. In comparison, not enough folks are in the healthy habit of taking care of their hearing.

With aging’s influence on vision and hearing, it is estimated that by 2030, as many as 14 million older U.S. adults will develop dual sensory loss (DSL). Think about it, when two of the body’s five senses are not functioning their best, activities of daily living can become more difficult. For too many, DSL can reduce quality of life in terms of physical, emotional and social function.

Did you know…
Identifying and targeting dual sensory impairment in older adults could be a potentially useful strategy for preventing a decline in their life expectancy and it is important that professionals working in both vision and hearing services are able to recognize this condition to tailor rehabilitation solutions accordingly?

Research indicates those with both vision and hearing loss often have greater challenges with interactive daily communication while being at increased risk of social isolation, depression and falls. When you see better and hear better, you can live better.

Just as we focus on 20/20 vision as a goal, personalized fitting of advanced hearing devices will help us hear to the best of our ability. Ideally, we hear more precious sounds, not less.

Hear Better, See Better

As you see your Ophthalmologist or Optometrist for annual diagnostic screenings, please know it is vital that you and your loved ones get a professional hearing evaluation at least once a year.

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