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“What a pleasant office at Island Better Hearing!”

“I’ve been working with Tara but everyone is so friendly and helpful. What I like best is that I can contact Tara anytime through e-mail if I have a question about my new hearing aids. When did you ever have a medical office of any kind give you that much access to your provider? I’m still adjusting to these hearing aids but I like the staff so much, I’ve already recommended them to a co-worker.”

Susan G.

“A wonderful hearing aid experience!”

“We have moved in the last 4 months to a Live Cycle facility called Jefferson Ferry which offers just about everything you would need and yes Audiology services. I still felt that as long as I could drive I would continue to drive in and deal with your office. Today I went in because one of the hearing Aids was acting up and we are planning a trip out of the country and I wanted to make sure that it was working properly while I’m away. I arrived about nine am and this young woman with a wonderful smile said could I help you. I explained my problem and she proceeded to check the battery’s I was using and then said let me clean them both and check over everything. Well, in addition, she gave me a new set of aids so that I could clean and adjust the level of sound. In addition, she gave me some battery’s that she said would better fit than the ones I was purchasing in addition she gave me a pouch to hold the batteries in. I’m ashamed to admit that I never got her name and I just wanted you to know the place is in good hands with staff like her when you’re not around. This visit this morning further supported my original thought that I will always drive in as long as I can, and deal with you and your staff. Please extend to that lovely young woman who assisted me this morning my thanks and tell her she made my long trip a wonderful experience.”

Thomas M.

“The atmosphere is pleasant!”

“I would recommend Island Better Hearing because the atmosphere is pleasant. Tara is simply great. She is caring and helpful while knowing her business.”

Adele G.

“Island Better Hearing is extraordinary!”

“I am sure that you have been told innumerable times about the extraordinary caring service and manner that is always rendered by Dr.Tara Mazzone. It is my good fortune that Tara is my audiologist.

For all the years that I have been a patient of Island Better Hearing the care that I have always received from Tara is EXTRAORDINARY. She is so knowledgeable in all venues of audiology. The examination by Tara far surpasses any that I have been given by the top head and neck surgeon.

Most importantly, Tara demonstrates a true concern and interest in her patients well being. She patiently listens and answers any questions and concerns and shows how much she cares for each and all individual patients. All patients are Tara’s top priority and are receiving the best of care. She is the quintessential caring doctor that is rare in this era.

Island Better Hearing is extraordinary in its own but Tara adds to the excellence and well-deserved reputation”

Maryanne S.

“Thanks for giving me the gift of hearing!”

“I have to tell you how pleased I am with my new hearing aids and with the excellent service. that you provided me. The Bluetooth option is really incredible. In the past if I was in a store and my wife called me on the cell phone, I would have to quickly exit the store and find a quiet place to even start to hear much less understand what she was calling me for. The day after you gave me the new device and paired it to my cell phone I was in the supermarket when Elaine called me. I pressed the button on the device hanging around my neck and something magical happened, I heard my wife as clearly as if she was over my shoulder speaking into my ear. Last night I decided to sit outside on my deck and try attaching my Walkman disc player to the device around my neck. A second magical moment occurred, I was enjoying listening to my favorite music which I had given up on because of my hearing problem. The music was crisp and clear and I was amazed of how great the bass was reproduced. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to research my options and your programming skills. I would recommend you to anyone with hearing problems. Thanks for giving me the gift of hearing.”

Vincent C.

“Your professionalism made the process so easy!”

“Lori, I would like to thank you again (and again and again…) for the impact you’ve made on me. Thank you for your caring, understanding, compassion, honesty, and sincerity. Your professionalism and positive attitude made the process so much easier for me.”

Carol G.

“The service you provide each time is unbelievable!”

“Dear Tara; I want to offer my gratitude to you once again for your help in fixing my hearing aid. I have had a long relationship with your company. I must say the service you have been providing each time is unbelievable! I’m very fortunate to be a client of yours. My warmest regards to you for your constant support.”

Al R.

“I can once again enjoy my favorite music!”

“Tracey Lynch made me cry…HAPPY TEARS! That was the moment I tried on hearing aids and experienced all the sounds I’d been missing for so long. Now, I can once again enjoy my favorite music and revel in conversations without struggling to hear—and I owe it all to the exceptional care I received from the entire staff at Island Better Hearing. ”

Cindy C.

“They are caring and understanding of my needs!”

“I would recommend Island Better hearing because they are caring and understanding of my needs. They have always given prompt service and are always there for me. Lori always recommends the best hearing aid for my needs. They are the best!”

Joanna G.

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