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ReSound OMNIATM Hearing Aids from Island Better Hearing in Melville, NY

Want to hear your best in noisy situations?

Now you can – even when life is loud.

At Island Better Hearing in Melville, NY we hear stories all the time of people in our community who are struggling to connect with their world because they can’t hear in noisy places. We are proud to be one of the select hearing aid centers in the Melville, NY area to offer a new form of hearing aids from ReSound that will allow you to tune into what’s happening around you, from any direction.

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Change Your life with ReSound OMNIATM

Forget you have hearing aids

If you struggle with hearing loss, it can make you feel isolated and misunderstood. Hearing aids are proven to help you reconnect and live a better life, but older technologies make it difficult to focus on conversations right in front of you in places like restaurants and crowds.


ReSound OMNIATM is a brand-new technology that addresses these key issues with traditional hearing aids head-on.

All Day Comfort

OMNIA™’s discreet, comfortable design makes you feel like you’re not wearing hearing aids at all.  Watch a demo.

Hear Better in Noisy Places

Our front-focus technology makes hearing your conversations in noisy places easy. Watch a demo.

Stream Audio, Calls, and More

Connects to Apple and Android devices for hands-free calls and listening. Watch a demo.

All-Day Power and Weatherproof

All-day battery life and nano-coating weatherproofing means you can hear your world no matter where you are and what the weather is like.


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Ready to experience the freedom of ReSound OMNIATM hearing aids?

Don’t miss out on any more of life’s most precious moments.

Call Island Better Hearing in Melville, NY and schedule an appointment to see if ReSound OMNIATM hearing aids are right for you.

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