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A hearing loop is a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite television shows without pestering your whole household – congrats on your recent purchase! It might have been a difficult decision to choose which model to buy, but it’s simple to set up your home hearing loop. The good news is, a specialist is NOT necessary to install a home hearing loop, as the steps are rather simple.

Getting organized. There are 4 primary elements to most home hearing loops: a sound source (a phone or television set, for example), a wire loop, an amplifier and a sound receiver (likely your hearing aids). Before you dive in to your new project, be sure to have all the tools you may need to put in your system. It will be helpful to have a screwdriver and staple gun on hand.

The basic steps. The first step is to find a location for your amplifier near your TV –either placing it on a shelf or attaching it to a cabinet with the tape or screws provided. The subsequent step is to plug your amplifier into a power outlet and to connect your amplifier’s input jack to the audio output jack of your television. Lastly, run the amplifier‚Äôs wire around the perimeter of the room you are working in either along carpet edges or around the ceiling edgesBe sure to staple it in place over doorways.

You’re done. Wasn’t that easy? Now all you need to do is set up the volume controls as explained by the manufacturer. The volume controls vary by system and may be located on the amplifier or a standalone control pad.

Caution. Never position any electronic equipment in or around water, or in areas where moisture may gather. Always use a clean, dry cloth to clean the components of your new hearing loop system. Also make sure the loop is far from heat sources, such as a space heater or even other electronics. Be sure your home hearing loop is set up in a location with ample ventilation to avoid overheating it.

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