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Oticon Own Invisible Hearing Aids in Melville, NY

Don't be embarrassed with big, clunky hearing aids. Oticon Own hearing aids are completely invisible in most people's ears.

Give us a call at Island Better Hearing to test drive the latest hearing aid technology from Oticon.

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Designed to blend in so that you can stand out

Woman holding an Oticon Own hearing aid showing how tiny it is.

Nobody wants to be known as “that lady with hearing aids”. Oticon Own is customized entirely for you and made to meet your needs — offering you hearing aids to fit your ear shape comfortably and be completely invisible*.

  • Choose from five styles and colors to match your personal preference
  • A completely invisible IIC for 9 out of 10 ears* offering ultimate discreetness
  • Custom-made and tailored to your individual ear for all-day comfort

*Rumley et al. (2022). Oticon Own evidence. Oticon Whitepaper

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Ready to experience the freedom of Oticon Own hearing aids?

Call Us at Island Better Hearing in Melville, NY to see if Oticon Own hearing aids are right for you.

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