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Enhance Brain Function with Oticon Own Hearing Aids in Melville, NY

At Island Better Hearing in Melville, NY we often hear how exhausting it can be when you need to strain to hear even with hearing aids.  The BrainHearing technology, in Oticon Own hearing aids, supports your natural brain function to help you process sounds easier. 

We are proud to be one of the select hearing aid centers in the Melville, NY area to offer Oticon Own hearing aids.

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A brain‑friendly hearing aid

Man with Oticon Own hearing aids running in woods with friends

Did you know you hear with your brain, not your ears? Your ears collect sound, but it’s your brain that actually understands it — and a healthy active brain can avoid other health risks. In fact, a 25-year study* found people with hearing loss who were not using hearing aids had a higher risk of dementia compared to those wearing hearing aids.

Oticon Own has a  unique BrainHearing™ technology designed to provide you access to more sound to support your brain’s natural way of working. This offers you a truly personalized listening experience, allowing you to process everything more effectively, making it easy to stay in the conversation and do the things you love.

*Amieva et al. Self-reported hearing loss, hearing aids, and cognitive decline in elderly adults: a 25-year study. 2015.

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