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In a virtual a showdown of hearing vs. unhealthy habits, it’s usually bad habits that come out on top. Incurring hearing loss is easier than you may think, and your unhealthy habits are likely to blame. Your hearing is interconnected with the overall functionality of your body, which many studies have found. Here we check out the many bad habits you are participating in that may indeed have adverse effects on your health. Be aware of these habits and address them to curb hearing loss. Therefore, you lessen your risk and exposure to hearing damage over the long term.

Loud Noises

Very loud noises, such as concerts and loud television sets, can incur damage in terms of your hearing. When you concentrate on all the raw power the speakers at a concert can emit, it’s no wonder they can lead to some pretty bad temporary and long-term hearing loss. Concerts aren’t the only way you can take in loud noises on a daily basis. If you like to blast the television or your video games at home, you’re putting yourself at risk for hearing loss.

Listening to an MP3 Player

Love to listen to music? Whether you pop in ear buds to relax or drown out background noise, you probably don’t think of the effects of turning on the tunes full blast. The extremely loud volumes put out by MP3s can incur significant hearing damage over time. This is due to the fact that when you plug in, you direct an incredible amount of sound right at your inner ear where it cannot diffuse in the correct way. Plus, all that intense energy can lead to hearing loss because it has nowhere else to go.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Obesity — an epidemic in this country — has very real health risks. In fact, one of the biggest side effects of obesity is the tendency to develop diabetes due in part to a sedentary lifestyle that doesn’t include proper exercise and eating right. Diabetes is notorious for its poor circulation throughout the body,  as well as the ears, putting you at a heightened risk of hearing loss. That’s why you should incorporate a healthy diet and exercise regimen into your lifestyle.


Smoking and hearing loss don’t seem like they’d go hand in hand. You can up your chances of good hearing when you quit smoking. Not only does tobacco use contribute to other serious health problems, you can adversely affect your hearing capacity. That’s because the vibration sensors in your ears are damaged when they come into contact with the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes, making it next to impossible to detect small amounts of sounds.

Skipping the Doctor Visits

Sure, you need to head to the doctor’s when you notice a problem with your hearing, but you should also set up annual appointments with your specialist. This is so you can have your hearing tracked and treated if a problem arises. This will decrease your chances of incurring hearing loss. A regular hearing evaluation, along with a healthy overall lifestyle, is imperative to protecting your ears.

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