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The LIAHP- (The Long Island Alliance of Hearing Preservation) launched its 2015 Hearing Loss Seminar series at the South Huntington Library on May 14 where sufferers and info seekers attended to get firsthand understanding and options about their hearing loss.  In every event, this educational outreach group provides awareness about hearing loss and disorders, free screening, treatment as well as financial support from the public and private sectors for those who qualify.

According to the NIH (National Institute of Health) about 1 in 5 Americans are suffering from hearing loss “making it the third largest health disorder in the nation next to heart disease and arthritis.”   Dr.Lori Trentacoste, head audiologist for Island Better Hearing of Long Island is one of several founding partners who founded the educational crusade for hearing impairment.  Their target groups include the Long Island construction safety agencies, hospital directors, teachers, eldercare agencies and veterans associations.  The partnership collaborates on early intervention, resources and treatment options. “Clearly, hearing loss is no longer just a problem for the aging,” states Dr. Trentacoste. “Hearing loss is common in the 18-55 age ranges because of contributions from medication side effects, stress, noise exposure and unsafe use of personal audio devices.”

Aside from her 10+ years donating time in early intervention programs in the mid-island school districts, Dr. Trentacoste is now in her second year conducting hearing loss seminars and free screening.  She is finalizing her next community presentations to take place in local libraries, private schools and health expos. (Check for schedule)  “It is evident that so many people suffer in silence and even more have no idea how or where to get help, by reaching out on this level, it’s a comfortable place to get the facts and a proactive track to get the help they need,” says fellow audiologist and seminar co-producer, Dr. Tara Mazzone.

Trentacoste is also reaching the Long Island music community by speaking to recording artists, performers, students and retailers where awareness and prevention are in very high demand. “They say over 46% of musicians have chronic hearing disorders,” says Freeport music producer and hearing seminar staff John Rullo. “Musicians are the first targets for Tinnitus…  we all like it loud; it’s fun until you can’t hear anymore!”

Dr. Trentacoste is publishing a survival guide called “New Beginnings with Hearing Loss” and is presently directing a YouTube hearing loss video resource series.  Trentacoste has been in practice in Melville and Huntington NY for the past 28 years after taking over her father’s practice that started in the mid-seventies.  She lives in Commack, N.Y. with her husband Joseph and her two children.  She remains an active sponsor of prominent cancer organizations and is also a major supporter of the arts on Long Island.

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