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While unsightly and unpleasant at times, earwax is a big part of the health of your ears. They offer protection against intruders such as debris and dust into the ear canal. When you upset this combo, you’re inviting trouble in the form of impaction and hearing loss. If you’re like most people, you extract earwax in any way you can, usually with a cotton swab, tissue or your pinky finger. This is causing harm to your inner ear, whether you are aware of it or not. Let’s examine the ways in which you can be more aware of the harmful effects of these damaging cleaning regimens. The only way to avoid this type of damage to your ears is to see a professional who can provide earwax extraction.

Ear Candling

Ear candling, something people have been doing for many years, carries with it an inherent danger that can cause burns to your clothing and hair. When these long tapered candles are placed into your ear, they’re meant to encourage a vacuum seal that in effect pulls out the accumulated earwax. The product is made of a wax-coated material and has a long wick that draws out earwax. However, due to a lack of suction, it can become ineffective and pose burn risks along with the chance of eardrum puncture.

Ear Drops

Simple ear drops meant for clearing out earwax can be ineffective, but also damaging. Yes, you can certainly find these products at many drug stores, but this doesn’t mean you should use them. This method of earwax extraction, done at home, is not very effective due to the many differences in the composition of individuals’ earwax and ear canal shapes from person to person. You must instill tiny drops of liquid into the ear, which break up the wax and encourage it to flow out when the head tilts to one side.

Cotton Swabs

While this is one way in which you can seemingly easily get the wax out of your ears, its safety is disputed. In fact, you’re pushing earwax further into the ear canal even though you’re grabbing some of the superficial wax out. Sure, you may feel fresh when cleaning out your ears after a shower, but you are incurring damage as well as contributing to pain in the future. Attempting to fix earwax impaction can actually bring on more damage.

Professional Ear Care: Your Best Option

Don’t risk hearing loss and impaction by removing earwax yourself. Instead, go the safe route and visit your audiologist when you need to get your ears cleaned. This trained professional — well versed in safe earwax extraction – has all the right tools to provide a safe removal job. Your doctor will also provide you with an exam that can check for existing damage of the ear canal. Take this time to schedule future appointments as well.

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