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When you think of noisy workplaces, you may think of those jobs that involve machinery, confined spaces, explosives or loud music, and you would be right. While workers in these environments may find their jobs rewarding in many ways, they are also putting themselves at risk for hearing damage whenever they report to work. A more and more common way to experience injury in the workplace is damage to the ears which happens more often than you think. Taking precautions to guard against hearing loss is your best bet. Check out these jobs that have the highest rate of hearing loss.


Mining is a demanding industry, in part because of the work involved and in part because of the confinement of small spaces. When you add in loud machinery to mix, you have a recipe for hearing damage disaster. While miners know they are providing a valuable service to all, thanks to the mining of raw materials and even fossil fuels, they are also aware of the potential for hearing damage. That’s why hearing protection is imperative.

Construction Workers

Contractors put themselves at risk for hearing loss every day when they use backhoes or operate saws and drills. Because of this exposure to acute noise trauma, many construction workers suffer from temporary and long-term hearing loss as a result if they fail to put on ear plugs or noise dampening headphones.


Although farmers bring a great service to the people all over the world, thanks to growing crops with their own two hands, they are also subjected to on-the-job hearing damage due to the effects of the noise generated by plows, tractors and other machines. Many of these machines produce over 85 decibels, presenting the capability of incurring hearing loss.

Club Employee

Night club workers come to work every night just like everyone else. However, their work environment is am extremely loud one, between the booming speakers and din of the crowd. As such, hearing damage is prevalent in club workers such as security personnel, DJs, bands, bartenders and waitresses.


Punctuated by loud noises due to explosives, guns and tanks, military bases and war zones pose one of the greatest threats to hearing. This is the reason why many military workers and soldiers return home hard of hearing. As such, the armed forces contain some of the noisiest environments ever, especially aircraft carriers.

Ground Workers at Airports

If you’ve never stood directly under a jumbo jet taking off, you don’t know noise. This sound can reach double that of the accepted level of 85 decibels of sound. This is why you see those workers using head phones at all times, particularly within the commercial and military plane industry.

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