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You would like to help people struggling with hearing loss, but the selection of charitable organizations is tremendous. Just a few of the factors to consider are the cause itself, the trustworthiness of the organization, and how the resources are used. Here are a few hearing-health specific charities you may want to consider as part of your search.

    • Hearing Loss Association of America – Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) prides itself as being the largest national organization for helping people with hearing loss across the U.S. Its mission is to provide resources and support to individuals with hearing loss and their families while educating the public about hearing impairments. They also strive to promote public awareness and prevention at local, state, and national levels. Take your first steps to helping this organization by visiting their website at to sign up for one of the nation’s largest walks for hearing health, become an official member of the organization, or make a donation.
    • Starkey Hearing Foundation – As a huge national and global foundation, Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing health services in three ways: Hear Now, Listen Carefully, and Hearing Aid Recycling. The Hear Now program helps people with limited resources obtain hearing aids. Their Hearing Aid Recycling program offers a place for you to donate your old hearing aids as gifts to those who can’t otherwise afford them. The Listen Carefully Program is provides education to youth in schools about the dangers of loud music and headphone use. To get contact details for each organization or to give a monetary gift, visit
  • Hearing Health Foundation – Since the 1950s, Hearing Health Foundation has been committed to serving people with hearing loss. The organization has two main areas of focus. One is research into new treatments and cures for hearing loss. The other is hearing loss prevention through public education. For example, the largest research project at the moment focuses on cures for tinnitus. If you wish to contribute to Hearing Health Foundation, there are several ways to help. Money is always the easiest donation for a charity to accept. This can be in the form of a one-time donation, monthly donations or gift of stock. More hands-on ways to get involved include sharing your hearing loss experience in the form of a letter or video, participating in a fundraising event or even launching a new research grant. Visit their website at for more information, news and updates.
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