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Blogging about hearing loss

In the US, hearing loss to some extent impacts 20 percent of the total populace, or 48 million individuals. On average, therefore, one out of every five people you meet may have hearing loss.

For those of you who genuinely want to have an understanding of the condition—or that experience hearing loss themselves and would like some personal perspective—there’s no greater source than learning from those currently living with diminished hearing.

The following is our list of the top personal blogs on life with hearing loss.

Speak Up Librarian

Sarah, the author behind the blog, is a librarian desiring to create a more accessible, communication-friendly world. In her blog, she recounts her experience of coming to terms with hearing loss and adapting to living with hearing aids. Using humor and personal narratives, her wish is that individuals can learn about hearing loss while benefiting from some of the resources she’s found throughout the years.

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Grand Piano Passion

Grand Piano Passion is “an online oasis of articles, essays, and original videos for studying the piano as an adult, making music despite hearing loss, and claiming your passion, whatever it may be.”

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Living With Hearing Loss

Shari Eberts, the author of Living With Hearing Loss, is a hearing health promoter, regularly writing and speaking on the matter and striving to end the stigma connected with hearing loss and using hearing aids.

She started the blog to function as an outlet for her own experiences with hearing loss as well as to build a network for those coping with similar problems.

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The Invisible Disability and Me

The Invisible Disability and Me is a blog about the author’s individual experiences with profound hearing loss. The blog attempts to raise awareness of hearing loss, illustrate how to spot the initial signs and symptoms, and reveal the charities and organizations that can help.

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Coping with Silence

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What did we miss? If you have any personal blogs or hearing-related websites you’d like to recommend, include them in a comment below.

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